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My first Facebook Ads Campaign Ever + Stats + Landers

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I’m going to show you the first experience I’ve had doing affiliate offers with Facebook Ads. Keep reading.

TL;DR: I spent some $3k on my first campaign with facebook ads during a 3 week period (voucher offer) and managed to scrape in some $3.5k revenue and over 10k emails.

The beginning:

I used my personal Facebook account and created a business manager account. From there I created the maximum amount of ad accounts (5) and proceeded with 1 ad account.


If you want to learn more about facebook ads. I suggest you join Tim Burds fb group, all about FB-Ads:


Before I get started. I wanted to disclose that this campaign eventually was flagged, and 1 of my 5 ad accounts was shut down. I re-started this campaign at a later moment with a new fb-acc and did cloaking with it, so it’s been working now, but at the beginning, I wasn’t cloaking anything.




The offer: Swedish Voucher Offer ($3.3 payout)

I ran this and other offers with the affiliate network: Pocket Media, which is one of my favorite networks of all time, their support from AM’s are unparalleled.


(Delta = Participate)


The lander: (Screenshot below) Basically this lander.

abba landing page

I created this lander for a specific offer. (Win tickets to Mamma Mia) But all the landers were from this default template.

mamma mia the party offer fb ads

As you can see, before sending visitors to the offer I collect their e-mail first. This allows me to later follow up with them.


Below is one of the ads I had running.

(Relevancy score = 10

CPM = $10,

Cost per e-mail lead = $0.35

Cost per Action = $2.8)

facebook ads mamma mia

So here are the overall stats shown on a simple chart.

facebook ads affiliate offer chart

As you can tell, the campaign wasn’t really a home run. I think I did over 50 audience split tests. About 5 landing page split tests. 9 offer split tests and 10 ad split tests. So I’ve recorded a lot of data for this campaign.

So to conclude. Facebook ads are something I’m going to continue with, although my focus now is still in mobile pop.

What I found real fun was that my FB account was banned, not because of the affiliate offer or the sketchy landing page, but because the image I used in the ad was copyrighted.


If you want to run offers like these and would like some consulting, send me an e-mail and I’ll send you the landing page and cloaking instructions. Send Mail