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The special day that changed everything

Hello, if you already didn’t know, I’m Eskil and I’m going to tell you about a very special day for me.

A little bit about me before I start.

I’m currently a full time affiliate doing mobile content, primarily 1-click, 2-click, mo, apps, across antivirus, generic and sweepstakes offers. If you don’t understand what I just told you, no worries, I’ll you’ll know soon.

The reason why I decided to start this blog was because I’ve wanted to help newer affiliates into this awesome world.

I learned about affiliate marketing 3 years ago, in 2014, when I was 17 years old, but actually started working with it when I was 18. If you’ve ever been 17 years old and the member of a middle class family you’ll know that money is not abundant as a teenager (unless you’ve really put on the big boys pants). I had to work as a telemarketer for a couple of months to start my first affiliate campaigns.

I’ve experienced the sleepless nights, the constant stress over financial problems, the suspense of knowing if the affiliate network is actually going to pay, the laziness that follows after complete failures, the instinct to quit, but I’ve also experienced the extreme joy of seeing a campaign work, that feeling when everything’s just perfect, the moment when you hit your first $1, $10, $20, $50, $100, $300, $700, $1000 profit /day. That feeling of security, when you know that you’re still safe, that you’ll have roof over your head and food on the table even after continuous campaigns go red.

Picture of promise

This was me back on the 2th May 2016, this was a very special day.

It was the day I promised that I would do anything it took to be successful, I had already started several campaigns and had failed for 4 constant months, imagine that! Being 18 years old, with less than $1500 to your name (this was after I had worked as a telemarketer for a few months and saved everything). This was a very dark part of my quite short life, it was literally dark (I live in Sweden, it’s dark for the majority of the year) and I were still dealing with the death of my mother, a constant feeling of loneliness and a very quiet lifestyle. But this day was different, it was the first day in quite a while that I actually bothered to listen to music (stairway to heaven – led zeppelin <3) and I was away in the clouds, dreaming about being successful (we’ve all done it at some point), I dreamt of the financial freedom, the freedom to do whatever you wanted. This put a smile on my face, and I decided to make a serious commitment, to stop dreaming and fucking just do it, whatever happened. So I said to myself: ”You’re gonna take a picture, and when you’ve reached whatever goal you have in mind, you’ll start a blog, and you’ll post this picture, tell this story, and help others who’s in the same boat as I am in now.”

And I did.

And here I am now.

Telling you this story.

This is me now

picture of eskil nord

Much happier 🙂

And now I’m here for you, and this is going to be different – I’m going to do it for free, completely free (for you), because I know how it feels when you contact someone and you need help, and they demand $300 for a 1-hour skype talk, when you’ve only got $1500 or even less. It feels bad, real bad.

But, I’m not quite ready to take on hundreds of people as of writing this, I still have to work out a few things, spend some time on my own campaigns (sorry but I gotta keep the cash flowing, couldn’t do this without).

In a later post I’m going to tell you what you can expect from me, AND what I expect from you.

In the meantime, subscribe to my e-mail newsletter (so you don’t miss anything, imagine forgetting this website and missing this opportunity..)


That’s it for now,




  1. I don’t have a website yet. I am a newbie through and through. I signup as CPA publisher. I started in May last month. I am working on promote niches Diet weight loss Nutrisystem, Apex Forskolin dietary supplements and sweepstake voucher only in Singapore,China . Thus far 2 impressions and 1 click. I would like to venture in mobile apps to start earning money. Could you help me get started to be successful . Thanks😊😊 Greenwings23

    1. Hello Yolanda!
      Pleasure seeing you here.

      Of course I will help you.

      I’m currently designing a post in which I will explain the basics of affiliate marketing.

      Kind regards,


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