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Free Campaign Giveaway – Mobile PIN Submit – 2017

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Mobile PIN Submit Campaign Giveaway

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Hey People, Eskil here.

Today I’m going to share a small Mobile PIN Submit campaign that I tested a few days ago, which was profitable on a few sources, ROI was good, but net profits were quite low, so I decided, why not give it away to my fellow affiliates.

I know the struggle of finding profitable offers, it’s a horrible feeling of not having something that works. So, feel free to launch this campaign, I’m going to recommend 4 traffic sources that I tested on this offer that actually works, as well as giving you the landing page and the offer I used.

So read along and you’ll have yourself a profitable, albeit small campaign. But at least, if you were like me when I started out, you’d just want Anything that would work.

These are the topcis I’ll go through:

  1. The Best Offer I found
  2. The Winning Lander I Developed
  3. The Profitable Traffic Sources I found (And suggestions for new ones)
  4. A few Tips on your way

1: The Winning Offer
For this campaign, I split tested 8 different offers on 4 different affiliate networks. The Networks were,



Pocket Media

These are the stats for the best offers I tested:

antivirus pin submit offers

It didn’t take very long to see which the winner was, although after this point I kept testing the one from Pocket Media, but the Pinox offer, was clearly the winner. So get that one. If you haven’t signed up to Pinox affiliate network yet, I’ve done a tutorial for you here.

2: The Landers I used:

landing pages pin submits

I tested a LOT of landers, which you should. These are the three landers that did best, and which you should use. Note: The last day of the campaign when I ran it I did some minor changes to the ”Facebook english lander” which enabled it to outperform the Direct Link. (yes direct linking is still very effective if you don’t want to use a landing page for whatever reason).

And, keep reading because at the end of this post I’ll have links to download these landing pages. And a few bonus ones that’re really good performing :).

3: The Winning Traffic Sources

I tested a bunch of traffic sources. First I tested a DSP, Yeahmobi DSP, from which you can buy traffic from a multitude of sources all from one place. It’s a good way to test the waters on an offer. To see which traffic source works. Then later on, I bought traffic from 4 places:

* Propellerads (Try to run a SmartCPA campaign, that way, you can gather data, whilst being profitable..When you have good data, you can start a normal CPM campaign and be able to bid high)

* Exoclick (beware that running antivirus offers on this source is risky, and unless you cloak, you’ll be banned very fast.. So not recommended for newbies)

* PopAds  (Do a staggered bid approach (low bid, medium bid, high bid) to see which bid options works best. Expect ROI to be quite low before you’ve optimized placements. In my experience, the best place to start out with mobile pin submit offers, offers great targeting options and a very good way of optimizing various different variables.

* PopCash (Contact PopCash support, and say you only want to target carrier traffic, they will manually edit you campaign..this is not public knowledge, so keep it to yourself.) Overall a great network for mobile pin submit offers.

These are tested sources that works for this offer, they work. Some other ones that I imagine would work, and that I myself would test would be: Ad maven, Zeropark, AdcashAdsterra, to name a few… If you play your cards right, and focus on optimizing, this could easily become $100+/day campaign. It would just require a lot of work, and a lot of testing. – Also, banners… I only tried this on pops, as that’s my main territory. I’m 100% certain this would convert wonders on banners. So go that route if you’re more comfortable with that.

4: General Tips & Tricks To Utilize

Tracking: When it comes to offers like these you really have to use a tracking software. I use both Voluum & Adsbridge, Adsbridge is a bit cheaper and has some advantages over Voluum in certain areas, Adsbridge also has a cleaner UI in my opinion. But Voluum is in many cases still more powerful, that’s why I’m using both. If you’re just starting out, and on a low budget, I would advise you use Adsbridge, as they have a free trial period.
Spy Tools: I use Adplexity, it works wonders. You can see what landers others are using on an offer, you can see hot offers, hot landers, hot affiliates. You can follow affiliates and see what they’re doing. Of course, there are tools to avoid the prying eyes of adplexity. but most low to mid range affiliates will be seen on adplexity, and also some top ones, if you search well!

Traffic Sources: There are some hidden gems in every traffic source. I know a few. These are not readily available to the public sphere. But if you subscribe to my e-mail list I’ll give you a few ;).

Hosting: You should be using a fast VPS server to host your landing pages. I personally use and recommend using Digitalocean, they’re fast, cheaper and most importantly, reliable. Use my referral link and you’ll get $10 of free credit to use instantly here.

Landing Page: Facebook Virus Alert Download.

Preview Landing Page here

Download Now

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    1. Thank you very much!

  2. As being a Freshman, I am always doing a search online for articles that can help me get further ahead.

    1. Appreciate it! Hope you can make it work! Offer is still live if you want to get it running.

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    1. Thank you very much Thomas!

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  5. Hey great article. I’m always a little apprehensive about running AV for domain flagging and TS’s bans.

    I also stress a bit about CPA on propeller as I’ve previously tried doing it for camps that were profitable and ended up spending $50 for $2 worth of conversions and paying a lot more for the traffic than I did in my SCPM camp.


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