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My first Facebook Ads Campaign Ever + Stats + Landers

facebook ads guide

I’m going to show you the first experience I’ve had doing affiliate offers with Facebook Ads. Keep reading.

TL;DR: I spent some $3k on my first campaign with facebook ads during a 3 week period (voucher offer) and managed to scrape in some $3.5k revenue and over 10k emails.

The beginning:

I used my personal Facebook account and created a business manager account. From there I created the maximum amount of ad accounts (5) and proceeded with 1 ad account.


If you want to learn more about facebook ads. I suggest you join Tim Burds fb group, all about FB-Ads:


Before I get started. I wanted to disclose that this campaign eventually was flagged, and 1 of my 5 ad accounts was shut down. I re-started this campaign at a later moment with a new fb-acc and did cloaking with it, so it’s been working now, but at the beginning, I wasn’t cloaking anything.




The offer: Swedish Voucher Offer ($3.3 payout)

I ran this and other offers with the affiliate network: Pocket Media, which is one of my favorite networks of all time, their support from AM’s are unparalleled.


(Delta = Participate)


The lander: (Screenshot below) Basically this lander.

abba landing page

I created this lander for a specific offer. (Win tickets to Mamma Mia) But all the landers were from this default template.

mamma mia the party offer fb ads

As you can see, before sending visitors to the offer I collect their e-mail first. This allows me to later follow up with them.


Below is one of the ads I had running.

(Relevancy score = 10

CPM = $10,

Cost per e-mail lead = $0.35

Cost per Action = $2.8)

facebook ads mamma mia

So here are the overall stats shown on a simple chart.

facebook ads affiliate offer chart

As you can tell, the campaign wasn’t really a home run. I think I did over 50 audience split tests. About 5 landing page split tests. 9 offer split tests and 10 ad split tests. So I’ve recorded a lot of data for this campaign.

So to conclude. Facebook ads are something I’m going to continue with, although my focus now is still in mobile pop.

What I found real fun was that my FB account was banned, not because of the affiliate offer or the sketchy landing page, but because the image I used in the ad was copyrighted.


If you want to run offers like these and would like some consulting, send me an e-mail and I’ll send you the landing page and cloaking instructions. Send Mail

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popads logo

picture of eskil nord, in my opinion, the best traffic source to get started with. Some people like yourself wrote to me and wondered if I could share some secrets about the traffic source – So why not? I won’t share every secret I know because that would just put me in a disadvantage when it comes to competeting for the same amounts of traffic on a given targeting. But here are a few things that will help you starting out on

This is what I will go through:

  • Why creating a new campaign for every new campaign is vital (inside popads)
  • Segmenting your bids correctly
  • Segmenting your targetings correctly (ISP, OS, Freq Cap, etc)
  • Blacklisting/Whitelisting on popads
  • Why you shouldn’t depend on the Traffic Estimation
  • My thoughts on Quality targeting in popads
  • Special tips N tricks…

Okey, let’s get started shall we?

Why creating a new campaign for every new campaign is vital (inside popads)

So, creating a new campaign for every new campaign, seems quite logical right? Well I thought so to.. Until I got bored with having to go through the same process all over again, I mean in popads, you can just create a campaign, and change all the settings, all settings except the URL, and it will still not trigger a need for approval.

So for example, you can create a campaign for an offer in Slovakia, and when you’ve finished the campaign, you can simply change the name in popads and your tracker, change targeting settings, and be up and running within minutes, no need to wait for approval ever again!

But wait, there’s more. Because I discovered something…..

I was chatting to the founder and CEO of, Tomasz Klekot on skype when I realized it.

I had just found a great placement that I was uniquely targeting in order to get all the traffic from it. The weird thing was, I wasn’t getting any traffic at all. So I contacted him and asked why my campaign wasn’t getting any traffic. This is the response. skype

See, my campaign was tagged as having autoplaying sound/video, and when you submit a website (as a website owner) you can chose these options:

popads register new site

And the website I was targeting didn’t allow autoplaying sound or video, which is why I didn’t get any traffic. Most likely your campaigns will get tagged with this without you knowing, because I was never told… This way, you’re loosing out on traffic, and most probably the most valuable traffic, as from my experience the best converting placements are the websites with the most restrictions.

So, you really need to start new campaigns for every new campaign you want to run on At least that is if you’re looking to make money. If you still are lazy, do a split test. Make a new campaign with the exact same targeting as the old one. And split them. See which does better.

Segmenting your bids correctly


When I first started out with paid traffic I was, in retrospect, lazy as fuck. I would just create one campaign for everything. I would bid below average, because in my mind I thought;
well lower bids = less spend = higher profits. If you’re thinking that, please, keep reading.

The thing with bids:

The more you bid, the better placements you get access to. Let me explain.

There’s you, and there’s John.

John has been running a campaign in South Africa for over 2 weeks, and has been collecting data ever since. And John is smart, so he started out his test campaigns on a $20 CPM. John spent $300, made $75 revenue. Later, John identified the best placements and created a whitelist campaign with these placements. John’s now running this whitelist at a $15 CPM (1st bidder) and getting all the traffic there is. John’s making $$$.

Now there’s you. You want to make $$$, so you looked at the top offers report your affiliate manager sent you. You see ZA (South Africa) and decide you want to run there. So you go start a campaign with $2 CPM (below average bid) (ZA is crazy lol). And you spend $50, generate $10 revenue. You later abandon the campaign thinking to yourself: ”If I can’t get this profitable below the average bid, I’ll never get it profitable”

The thing is, if you had just created the campaign at a $16 CPM (bidding above John) you would’ve gotten access to those $$$ placements. And you would’ve been able to get closer to profitability.

But because you’re afraid of losing money, you actually lost money.


So for me, there’s 2 options I use when I launch campaigns.

First, I set a legacy bid at $500 CPM so that I am guaranteed 1st bidder (don’t ever use smart bid, it’ll only increase your spending) The thing with popads is, if you bid $500 CPM, you won’t pay $500 CPM, you’ll only spend what the 2nd bidder bids + few percent more. So if I bid $500 CPM and the 2nd bidder is $2 CPM, I’ll only spend $2.1 for example. I then proceed to spend around 10x the offer payout, to see if and how the offer converts. (I chose the most popular lander on adplexity and just test 1 lander 1 offer).

Second, I set up 3 different campaigns with a staggered bid approach.

Staggered bids are, for example. Low bid, Average bid, High bid.

This I do to see if it’s worth reaching for those top placements in the beginning, or if the cost/revenue ratio is better achieved at an average or low bid range. It can vary greatly, so better test it.

I won’t reveal my exact optimization process here, but if you’re interested in learning more, make sure to subscribe yourself to my newsletter.

Segmenting your targetings correctly (ISP, OS, Freq Cap, etc)

Ok so, if you’re running an offer on only 1-3 different campaigns in, you’re doing it wrong. Or at least, not optimally.
You should segment your traffic into different demographics and users, because they can have different bids and different performance, and it’s easier to visualize and see the data with segmented and separated campaigns.

The more you segment & separate your targetings, the easier it will be to optimize.

When I run campaigns (I mostly run carrier billing antivirus offers), I usually have a different campaign on popads for every carrier, for every OS (if iOS converts..), for Adult & Mainstream traffic and for Primespot & non-Primespot traffic. That’s in the beginning, later on you can segment & separate based on a lot of other variables like frequency capping, adblock & non-adblock, popunder vs popup, carrier vs IP targeting etc etc… you get the point.

Blacklisting/Whitelisting on popads

As I described a few minutes ago above, a good way to run profitable campaigns in competative geos are to run whitelists. But did you know that there’s an even better way? Run a blacklist/whitelist combo. The way it works is like this:

You run a test with high bid, you add the good placements into a whitelist, and run that one. But you also keep running the original campaign and add the good placements as a whitelist in this campaign. So you have 1 campaign with good placements (whitelist campaign) and then you have 1 campaign with the good placements as a blacklist, (and the bad placements you also blacklist) and then. Because there’s always new placements being added to popads, the good new placements, you then place in the whitelist campaign, and you keep running both campaigns. This way you’ll always be finding new placements, and bid high and get most of the traffic on the best placements.

Why you shouldn’t depend on the Traffic Estimation

Simply put, don’t depend on the Traffic Estimation tool that popads has when you’re wanting to start a new campaign, just launch it and see how it performs. I remember a few months ago when I started a campaign in Kenya, popads traffic estimation said that I would get ”Less than 1000 impressions per day”, well I got 6000, and because there was so little competition for this traffic, because everybody thought that there was 0 traffic in KE on popads they didn’t run.

My thoughts on Quality targeting in popads


When you submit a website as a publisher on popads, they moderation team gives your website a quality score from 1-10. Advertisers can then target based on this quality score. If someone wants the best quality, they select quality score 10. Well, in my experience, Quality scores above 3 usually renders the best performance, but there are so many instances where quality scores of 2s, and even 1s have performed great. So if you’re running on a very limited budget, you can use this targeting option, but honestly, I never use it anymore, it’s better to just blacklist bad placements.

Special tips N tricks.

Okay, final topic – tips N tricks.

Do you know how to get facebook traffic on popads? If you don’t know, then this will be a goldmine, albeit small. Because facebook traffic can convert great with the correct angles and offers.

facebook popads

This only works for iOS users, but this is a killer feature.
When iOS users clicks a link on facebook, they’re in the facebook browser. And if they’re still in the facebook browser when a popads popunder/popup is triggered, then, if you run a facebook styled landing page. You’re going to get crazy conversion rates because they’ll still be in the facebook browser :). Try it!

Let me know if there’s something you’re wondering about, and if I can, I’ll answer it.

Have a great day,


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Free Campaign Giveaway – Mobile PIN Submit – 2017

earnings ghana pin

Mobile PIN Submit Campaign Giveaway

picture of eskil nord

Hey People, Eskil here.

Today I’m going to share a small Mobile PIN Submit campaign that I tested a few days ago, which was profitable on a few sources, ROI was good, but net profits were quite low, so I decided, why not give it away to my fellow affiliates.

I know the struggle of finding profitable offers, it’s a horrible feeling of not having something that works. So, feel free to launch this campaign, I’m going to recommend 4 traffic sources that I tested on this offer that actually works, as well as giving you the landing page and the offer I used.

So read along and you’ll have yourself a profitable, albeit small campaign. But at least, if you were like me when I started out, you’d just want Anything that would work.

These are the topcis I’ll go through:

  1. The Best Offer I found
  2. The Winning Lander I Developed
  3. The Profitable Traffic Sources I found (And suggestions for new ones)
  4. A few Tips on your way

1: The Winning Offer
For this campaign, I split tested 8 different offers on 4 different affiliate networks. The Networks were,



Pocket Media

These are the stats for the best offers I tested:

antivirus pin submit offers

It didn’t take very long to see which the winner was, although after this point I kept testing the one from Pocket Media, but the Pinox offer, was clearly the winner. So get that one. If you haven’t signed up to Pinox affiliate network yet, I’ve done a tutorial for you here.

2: The Landers I used:

landing pages pin submits

I tested a LOT of landers, which you should. These are the three landers that did best, and which you should use. Note: The last day of the campaign when I ran it I did some minor changes to the ”Facebook english lander” which enabled it to outperform the Direct Link. (yes direct linking is still very effective if you don’t want to use a landing page for whatever reason).

And, keep reading because at the end of this post I’ll have links to download these landing pages. And a few bonus ones that’re really good performing :).

3: The Winning Traffic Sources

I tested a bunch of traffic sources. First I tested a DSP, Yeahmobi DSP, from which you can buy traffic from a multitude of sources all from one place. It’s a good way to test the waters on an offer. To see which traffic source works. Then later on, I bought traffic from 4 places:

* Propellerads (Try to run a SmartCPA campaign, that way, you can gather data, whilst being profitable..When you have good data, you can start a normal CPM campaign and be able to bid high)

* Exoclick (beware that running antivirus offers on this source is risky, and unless you cloak, you’ll be banned very fast.. So not recommended for newbies)

* PopAds  (Do a staggered bid approach (low bid, medium bid, high bid) to see which bid options works best. Expect ROI to be quite low before you’ve optimized placements. In my experience, the best place to start out with mobile pin submit offers, offers great targeting options and a very good way of optimizing various different variables.

* PopCash (Contact PopCash support, and say you only want to target carrier traffic, they will manually edit you campaign..this is not public knowledge, so keep it to yourself.) Overall a great network for mobile pin submit offers.

These are tested sources that works for this offer, they work. Some other ones that I imagine would work, and that I myself would test would be: Ad maven, Zeropark, AdcashAdsterra, to name a few… If you play your cards right, and focus on optimizing, this could easily become $100+/day campaign. It would just require a lot of work, and a lot of testing. – Also, banners… I only tried this on pops, as that’s my main territory. I’m 100% certain this would convert wonders on banners. So go that route if you’re more comfortable with that.

4: General Tips & Tricks To Utilize

Tracking: When it comes to offers like these you really have to use a tracking software. I use both Voluum & Adsbridge, Adsbridge is a bit cheaper and has some advantages over Voluum in certain areas, Adsbridge also has a cleaner UI in my opinion. But Voluum is in many cases still more powerful, that’s why I’m using both. If you’re just starting out, and on a low budget, I would advise you use Adsbridge, as they have a free trial period.
Spy Tools: I use Adplexity, it works wonders. You can see what landers others are using on an offer, you can see hot offers, hot landers, hot affiliates. You can follow affiliates and see what they’re doing. Of course, there are tools to avoid the prying eyes of adplexity. but most low to mid range affiliates will be seen on adplexity, and also some top ones, if you search well!

Traffic Sources: There are some hidden gems in every traffic source. I know a few. These are not readily available to the public sphere. But if you subscribe to my e-mail list I’ll give you a few ;).

Hosting: You should be using a fast VPS server to host your landing pages. I personally use and recommend using Digitalocean, they’re fast, cheaper and most importantly, reliable. Use my referral link and you’ll get $10 of free credit to use instantly here.

Landing Page: Facebook Virus Alert Download.

Preview Landing Page here

Download Now
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One of the Best Affiliate Network for Mobile Offers + Campaign Giveaway

Hey People, Eskil here.

picture of eskil nord

Today I’m going to show you how easy it is to sign up to one of the Best affiliate networks for Mobile.

That network’s called Pinox, and they’re great. I actually met them when I attended AWE 2017 and have been running quite a few offers with them lately. One of which I described and gave away publicly here, you can run it right now if you’d like, pretty much guaranteed to profit. Okay, let’s get to it!

You can sign up here

This is the Login page on Pinox, click the Sign up button to continue. Then follow the pictures for guidance.

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How much money do you need to get started with affiliate marketing?

This is one of the most common questions you get asked as an active, full time affiliate.

Back in 2016 I even asked it myself to a mobile marketing group on facebook…

picture of facebook screenshot


The question is dependant on a lot of variables.

  • Mobile/Desktop
  • Expectations/timeframe
  • How smart you are
  • Leverageable skills
  • How ruthless you are
  • Vertical / GEO (ex: antivirus, skin cream, finance, gambling, sweepstakes, etc, etc) (tier 1, 2, 3, 4 countries)
  • Preferred medium (popunders, redirect, native, facebook, organic, display)
  • Connections/networking capabilitiesTL;DR: Between $1k-10k. Read along if you want to know what the difference is.

Let me explain:

  • Mobile/Desktop

    Mobile traffic is generally cheaper than desktop, the amount of money required to reach statistical significance is higher when promoting offers using desktop traffic.

  • Expectations/timeframe

    Do you expect to reach $10k/day in 30 days? Well, you’re in for one hell of a ride..You’d have to launch a lot of campaigns on a daily basis, burning through huge amounts of money. If you instead set a goal to reach $100/day within 3 months you’re much better off, and during those 3 months you might still have a part time job enabling you to get a constant flow of $$$$ which you can invest. (a much more rational choice that you actually will be able to reach in the near future)

  • How smart you are

    There’s 2 sides to the coin of this topic.
    1. Neuroscientists who published a study back in 2015 showed that higher IQ (intelligence quota) correlated with an increase in laziness. Which seems to confirm the good old ”hard work trumps talent” saying. What I’ve experienced out of an affiliate perspective is that those who are incredibly intelligent might make amazing setups, might come up with very creative angles. Yet these super smart people will be too lazy to set up campaigns and actually run their super smart and creative ideas… Big waste of potential. In this way, the people who do not have IQ’s of 125 an upwards and that are willing to work hard, will almost always win over the lazier ones.
    2. But…and yes there’s always a but.
    The smart people that have actually been able to restrain themselves from the easy dopamine shots of watching a 4-hour binge of youtube clips, will be very, very successful. Because they’re able to think outside the box (however cliché that sounds, it works wonders) if you’re able to separate yourself from the masses and come up with an angle, a system or a script that dazzles the world. You are on to a bright future in this industry.

  • Leverageable skills

    Do you have any skills which you can utilize for affiliate marketing?
    Do you know how to code? Are you a programmer? Do you know how to optimize a website?
    Are you comfortable with Adobe Photoshop? The list goes on..The essence is, do you have any knowledge which you can use to put yourself ahead of your competition? Make sure to put it to practice.

  • How ruthless you are

    Imagine this: You’ve been doing affiliate marketing for 2 months, without any success. You’ve spent $2000 and only made $500 of revenue ($1500 loss). You just started a new campaign last night before you went to bed, as always when starting a new campaign you thought ”this is going to be it, the offer is perfect, lander is perfect, I’m going to make big $$$ on this”. But upon waking up and checking your stats (which is the first thing you do when you get up). You load the statistics in your preferred tracker and see that you’re -90% ROI. – Now. Are you going to let the ”bad” news affect your entire day, are you going to go around feeling down? Or are you going to keep trying? After all, you know the offer actually converts.. Your attitude and mental ruthlessness is the #1 factor to campaign success.

  • Vertical / GEO

    The vertical you chose with greatly impact the amount of starting capital you will need to get started with promoting its offers. Look at these two offers, the first one is a gambling/casino offer, the other one is a sweepstakes offer.

    picture of casino vertical sweepstakes vertical
    The major difference here is in the vertical. Casino offers are generally more difficult to convert and sometimes (in this case) requires a FTD (first time deposit). Whilst the sweepstakes offer is easier to convert and generally only needs an e-mail submit or a pin flow to convert.
    Another big thing is GEO. If you promote an offer in USA, there will be a lot of competition (expensive traffic) and the payouts will be bigger. But in other countries competition can be lower, but payouts will be lower). In the beginning I heavily suggest you start with less competitive GEOs, because it’ll be cheaper to get going. It should also be quite obvious that I don’t suggest you start promoting casino offers with a $1000 budget, as you will easily lose all of your money just testing the offer.

  • Preferred method of medium

    Do you want to run facebook/google traffic? Popunders/redirect? Banners or Native?
    This choice will reflect the budget required to get going.
    I would rank the budget required like this: (cheapest first)
    1) Popunders/redirects
    2) Banners
    3) Facebook/google
    4) Native
    The easiest and cheapest way to get start would be with popunders or redirect traffic. Although there’s probably more potential in Native or FB/Google nowadays, I would still suggest you start out with pops/banners/redirects if you’re running low on cash.

  • Connections/networking capabilities

    The one thing that transformed me from a low level guy to a medium guy ( 😀 ) was networking and meeting actual, real people. Masterminding in skype/facebook groups are great. But actually sitting down and meeting people transforms your relationship immensely. There’s a lot of difference between the round skype icon of a mans face than the actual oval face in real life.
    Networking is key if you want to adapt, evolve, transform. You gotta do it unless you’re some crazy russian underground affiliate (who actually also would benefit from a little networking)

    Based on these variables I’d say you would need between: $1k – $10k (minimum) to get started.
    Lowest entry:
    1) Mobile/Desktop: Mobile
    2) Timeframe: Long term
    3) Smart/lazy: Smart but hard working
    4) Skills: Able to understand code (higher knowledge = better)
    5) Ruthlessness: Hard working, not easy on giving up
    6) Vertical/GEO: Mobile vertical (Sweepstakes, Apps, Antivirus, Vouchers) Tier 3-4 countries (think asian countries, african countries, some european and some latin american countries)
    7) Medium: Popunders, redirects or banners
    8) Connection: Able to connect with people/having existent connections
    = Starting capital needed between: $1000-$2000 (added monthly income is recommended)

    Starting capital needed breakthrough:

  • Server: VPS (Virtual Private Server): $10/month. Digitalocean is what I use, and what I recommend.
  • Tracking: Voluum($99/month) or Adsbridge($89/month): I personally use Adsbridge, however many use Voluum. I would recommend starting with Adsbridge as they’ve got a 14 day trial period which Voluum doesn’t.
  • Traffic: Now this will be the big cost for you, and it should. You should not waste your money on courses or buying expensive gear. Instead, you should focus your money on buying traffic, traffic is what will make or break you. It’s the deciding factor. Don’t be afraid to invest in traffic, it’s investing in data. I recommend spending at least $30/day on your campaigns and maximum $100, so you can get good data.
    Minimum recommended cost per month: Server + Tracking + Traffic = $999
    Maximum recommended cost per month: Server + Tracking + Traffic = $3099

    Let me know what you think,

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The special day that changed everything

the day that image

Hello, if you already didn’t know, I’m Eskil and I’m going to tell you about a very special day for me.

A little bit about me before I start.

I’m currently a full time affiliate doing mobile content, primarily 1-click, 2-click, mo, apps, across antivirus, generic and sweepstakes offers. If you don’t understand what I just told you, no worries, I’ll you’ll know soon.

The reason why I decided to start this blog was because I’ve wanted to help newer affiliates into this awesome world.

I learned about affiliate marketing 3 years ago, in 2014, when I was 17 years old, but actually started working with it when I was 18. If you’ve ever been 17 years old and the member of a middle class family you’ll know that money is not abundant as a teenager (unless you’ve really put on the big boys pants). I had to work as a telemarketer for a couple of months to start my first affiliate campaigns.

I’ve experienced the sleepless nights, the constant stress over financial problems, the suspense of knowing if the affiliate network is actually going to pay, the laziness that follows after complete failures, the instinct to quit, but I’ve also experienced the extreme joy of seeing a campaign work, that feeling when everything’s just perfect, the moment when you hit your first $1, $10, $20, $50, $100, $300, $700, $1000 profit /day. That feeling of security, when you know that you’re still safe, that you’ll have roof over your head and food on the table even after continuous campaigns go red.

Picture of promise

This was me back on the 2th May 2016, this was a very special day.

It was the day I promised that I would do anything it took to be successful, I had already started several campaigns and had failed for 4 constant months, imagine that! Being 18 years old, with less than $1500 to your name (this was after I had worked as a telemarketer for a few months and saved everything). This was a very dark part of my quite short life, it was literally dark (I live in Sweden, it’s dark for the majority of the year) and I were still dealing with the death of my mother, a constant feeling of loneliness and a very quiet lifestyle. But this day was different, it was the first day in quite a while that I actually bothered to listen to music (stairway to heaven – led zeppelin <3) and I was away in the clouds, dreaming about being successful (we’ve all done it at some point), I dreamt of the financial freedom, the freedom to do whatever you wanted. This put a smile on my face, and I decided to make a serious commitment, to stop dreaming and fucking just do it, whatever happened. So I said to myself: ”You’re gonna take a picture, and when you’ve reached whatever goal you have in mind, you’ll start a blog, and you’ll post this picture, tell this story, and help others who’s in the same boat as I am in now.”

And I did.

And here I am now.

Telling you this story.

This is me now

picture of eskil nord

Much happier 🙂

And now I’m here for you, and this is going to be different – I’m going to do it for free, completely free (for you), because I know how it feels when you contact someone and you need help, and they demand $300 for a 1-hour skype talk, when you’ve only got $1500 or even less. It feels bad, real bad.

But, I’m not quite ready to take on hundreds of people as of writing this, I still have to work out a few things, spend some time on my own campaigns (sorry but I gotta keep the cash flowing, couldn’t do this without).

In a later post I’m going to tell you what you can expect from me, AND what I expect from you.

In the meantime, subscribe to my e-mail newsletter (so you don’t miss anything, imagine forgetting this website and missing this opportunity..)


That’s it for now,