Greetings fellow affiliates or aspiring affiliates (or stalkers..creep)
This is the homepage, from here you can see recent posts, you can navigate through the archives, do as you wish, but please…Don’t do anything naughty.

As you might have seen in the title, I’m not a super affiliate, not an affiliate ”guru” looking to sell their course. I’m a learning affiliate who’s been doing affiliate marketing since early 2016. I have a solid grip on a few verticals (mainly on mobile) and ia launching campaigns daily. I’m not the best, and I’m not earning the most, but I know things that 99% of people looking to start with affiliate marketing don’t know. And my purpose is to teach. And by now you’re probably thinking I’m going to sell some bull$hit course for $67. But no. I’m doing this for free. You will never get an e-mail looking to sell you anything, not even to sales webinars.
Because fuck that. I know the struggles you go to in the beginning, and it’s really fucking stressful. Stay tuned, more content shall soon arrive. In the meantime, go ahead and subscribe to my newsletter.